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October 17, 2018
GKN Wheels and Structures has produced a comprehensive new catalogue covering the company’s extensive range of hubs and spindles.

September 27, 2018
GKN Wheels has announced the launch of its innovative Profi-Hub range, developed to meet the demands of today’s more powerful, higher-capacity machinery. Designed by the company’s experienced engineering team, the new Profi-Hub series delivers increased carrying capacity together with significantly longer service life, improved performance and simpler servicing.

September 18, 2018
GKN Wheels continues to invest in its engineering team for the Americas, with a number of new appointments adding significantly to the team’s already considerable experience and expertise.

August 9, 2018
GKN Wheels Profi-Grip wheel is proving its value in the heatwave that is currently sweeping through large parts of Europe, with the extremely dry ground requiring much higher traction for soil tillage.

July 26, 2018
GKN Wheels has launched a new high-speed tractor wheel, designed to address the issues of run-out that can occur on manually adjustable track wheels when used on high speed applications.

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2 weeks today the #FarmProgressShow will be well underway in Decatur, Illinois, August 27-29. It's a breathtaking show, and the field demonstrations are the star attraction with many #GKNWheels products hard at work. Visit us at Booth 561 see map https://t.co/HBOpBV9yox @FPShow

The more wheels, the merrier. 👍

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We manufacture a range of customisable hub systems, capacities range from 500lbs (227 kg) to 57000 lbs (25855 kg). The largest is ideal for single-axle vehicles such as grain carts and slurry wagons. Read more about our hubs products. https://t.co/hVfRehR5FC
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Two weeks today the Farm Progress Show will be well underway in Decatur, Illinois. Running from August 27-29. It's a breathtaking show, and the incredible field demonstrations are the star attraction, where you can see many of the GKN Wheels' product range hard at work. Come and say hello, you'll find us at Booth 561 see map ow.ly/ZtLE30plLwa
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We constantly work to design and test products which match the latest equipment trends, including higher payload capability, increased speed, lower vehicle weight and higher technical specification. We manufacture a range of customisable hub systems for offhighway machinery, with capacities ranging from 500 lbs (227 kg) to 57,000 lbs (25,855 kg). The largest in the range is ideal for single-axle vehicles carrying out heavy duty applications, such as grain carts, slurry wagons and towed scrapers. The hub can be fully customised, with an option to include disc brake components if required. Bent and straight spindles can be fully customised to specified dimensions. Cultivation; Straddle and standard designs are available with a range of bolt configurations. Our hubs are all sold complete with bearings, seals, hub caps and nuts and can be supplied machined and cupped only or in assembled and greased hub and spindle units.
Read more about our hubs business and products ow.ly/jY6P50vp7MS
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