Customers increasingly demand a high quality surface finish to their products – whether it’s a chassis or wheel. Not only do they expect the product to perform as required but also for the finish to be of a high-quality, durable and resist corrosion in the harsh environments in which they operate.


The world-class automotive standard, E-Coat paint process offered by GKN Wheels & Structures in Telford provides a high-quality surface finish.

Cathodic epoxy electro-coat is designed to be compatible with a both wet and powder coat paint, in addition, the excellent surface finish can allow the e-coat to be applied as a single coat where UV resistance is not required.

Used for automotive and on and off-highway applications the process has recently been adapted to also include all wheels manufactured in Telford;


  • Provides a durable, high-quality finish with over 1,000 hours’ salt spray protection.
  • Environmentally friendly water-based process
  • Corrosion protection: the paint is bonded with the base metal product
  • Electro-deposition allows coating of intricate and hard to reach parts of the product
  • Better surface finish and fewer defects
  • 17 tank process including pre-treatment
  • Reduction in paint waste
  • Highly repeatable process
  • Large capacity tanks for large vehicle structures


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