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GKN Wheels & Structures is a world leading manufacturer of off-highway wheels, and a major supplier of structural assemblies.  We provide the solutions and technologies for your machinery to deliver – solutions in motion - to harvest crops, move earth, mine resources and handle materials. We are proud to provide an unrivalled range of differentiated technologies to meet the most demanding and technically challenging environments.

JCB Fastrac Two - the world’s fastest tractor features our wheels and chassis:

JCB’s Fastrac has stormed into the record books after being crowned the world’s fastest tractor with a speed of 135.191 mph.

The Fastrac - designed and built by a team of young engineers in Staffordshire - secured the title at Elvington Airfield in York with motorbike racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin at the wheel.  The feat was officially ratified by Guinness World Records who presented the company with a special framed certificate minutes after the achievement.

Following two successful runs, the JCB Fastrac broke the world record for a tractor, achieving a peak speed of an incredible 153.771mph and an average of 135.191mph.

With the previous record of 103.6mph having been set by JCB’s Fastrac One in June 2019, the project team embarked on an ambitious plan to break the record again with Fastrac Two – which was 10% lighter and even more streamlined than its predecessor.

Having been involved in the design of the wheels and chassis for the first world record, GKN Wheels & Structures was again invited to work with JCB’s team of young engineers to develop and manufacture wheels and a lightweight chassis that were capable of meeting the additional challenges of Fastrac Two.


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Our patented hot induction forming (HIF) process, has enabled our engineers to produce new 'Infini-Forge' wheels, specifically for high load-bearing vehicles, achieving a lifespan 50% longer than conventionally manufactured, multi-piece wheels. Read more http://ow.ly/eCJG50yvjCw

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GKN Wheels are in use in all weather conditions. Snow-clearing on board this #JCB #wheelloader


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Our revolutionary and patented hot induction forming (HIF) process, has enabled GKN Wheels’ engineers to produce wheels specifically for high load-bearing vehicles and high-pressure tyres, with the wheels achieving a lifespan 50% longer than conventionally manufactured, multi-piece wheels.

John Madsen, Director of Engineering, said: “Our Hot Induction Formed wheels deliver outstanding performance, with their special design having been developed to meet the very exacting requirements of the most demanding commercial environments. As part of the development process, we subjected the wheel to rigorous testing, both off-site and on-site, with a number of manufacturers operating laden and unladen vehicles over extensive periods of time.

Known as Infini-Forge it is capable of withstanding high loads and with improved life-expectancy, we believe the wheel is a great solution for high-load and safety-critical applications, with its benefits translating directly into increased durability and therefore vehicle up-time.” Read more ow.ly/70JF50yvjM8
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The Michelin ® X® TWEEL® SSL™ 2 will be on our stand at ConExpo-Con/Agg. The TWEEL is an airless tyre solution developed for skid steers. A collaboration between Michelin and GKN Wheels, building on many years of combined knowledge and expertise to deliver customer solutions.
Click here to discover more about the TWEEL : ow.ly/QDLD50yrqQG
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